cheatsheet of Class Component, Functional Component, JSX, Without JSX in React JS

Theory :

Components: Components are like JavaScript functions. They accept input and return output like other functions. In the output, components describe what should appear on the screen. Components are part of the User Interface. They are reuseable and nested inside other components.

There are two types of Components.

  1. Stateless functional components.
  2. Stateful Class components.


JSX (JavaScript XML ) write XML code for elements and components . It allows us to write HTML in React . JSX tags have a tag name , attributes and children .


To understand this I recommend doing this course: Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++ by Wade Fagen Ulmschneider .

Memory in C++ is divided into two parts.
1) Stack Memory
2) Heap Memory

Stack Memory: All variables declared inside the function are stored in stack memory.
Heap Memory: This is unused memory of the program and can be used to allocate the memory when the program runs.

By default, every variable in C++ placed in stack memory.

Every variable in C++ has four things.
1) A name
2) A type
3) A value
4) A location in memory

int primeNumber =…

Mubasshir Ahmed


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